Neues Apparatjik-Album kommt am 21.2.12 raus

In der neuen Apparatjik iPad-App ist ja ein neues Album enthalten, aber eben halt nur für iPad-Besitzer. Laut Apparatjik wird es am 21. Februar „richtig“ rauskommen, also als CD und Download. Es trägt den Namen „Square Peg In A Round Hole“. Das schrieb Apparatjik dazu auf Facebook:

„The first widely released Apparatjik album produced by you, our comrades.

the committee has just released the first of 11 versions of the album in our iPad magazine ‚Apparatjik World‘
other releasings. 11 more times. other placings. informations soon.

we are here, you are there
enter the apparatjik communicationsphere – we sendings –
meet your respondings…

More bassification.

Newer songings?

More Magne A vocalings?

Synthesizer soloings by Jonas A?

Bedtime story by Martin A?

Falsetto tunings by Guy A?

You want to re-mix? apparatjik let’s you premix

Further instructionings from the committee in 168 earth hour units“

In einer Woche gibt’s also mehr Informationen. Das hier ist übrigens die Tracklist:

  • Time Police
  • Sequential
  • Your Voice Needs Subtitles
  • Signs of Waking Up
  • Pakt
  • Combat Disco Music
  • Do It Myself
  • .,,. (dot comma comma dot)
  • (Don’t Eat The Whole) Banana
  • Gzmo
  • Super-positions
  • Control Park